Monday, November 14, 2011

1965 Bultaco TSS 250 Factory Racer on eBay

Here's a genuine factory Bultaco for sale in New Zealand:
Here's the blurb:
This bike is a unique classic racer and has been the winner of numerous classic races including
Daytona 250 (1998 AMA) and the Dutch TT (1999)
It is tuned and runs on Methanol
42mm DellOrto Period Carb
Alloy Fuel Tank
Oldani 9" front brake
Close ratio 5 speed gear box
Special crankshaft 22 mm crankpin, yamaha conrod
PVL Electronic Advance/Retard Ignition
50Hp @ 9000RPM
Special cylinder6 port (new manufacture)
Newly made Cylinder Head
Racing Forks (quicker steering)
Owned and built and tuned by Ginger Molloy (NZ)